• acquisition interface

    • Sharper images, optimized clarity • Configured for grid suppression • Quick view selection • Customizable image sharpness level • Auto Contrast upon processing • Image auto-shutter/crop • Images auto-save during acquisition to Server for immediate access in exam rooms

  • momentum-wireless-flat-panel-detector

    Composite User Satisfaction Score of the MD-Buyline Customer Satisfaction Survey, the 14×17 wireless Flat Panel detector is lightweight and easy to maneuver, and is a true cassette sized hospital-grade 16-bit DR Panel with a Cesium scintillator providing the highest image quality possible.

  • Opal-VET Software

    • Burn/Import CDs • Compare images (post/pre op) • Custom search/query • Customize user privileges • User friendly, DICOM compliant, DPM Tools • 5 additional viewing licenses included • WORLDWIDE access: view from anywhere

  • pc hardware

    • Core i5, 8GB ram • 1TB RAID 1 mirror (failsafe system) • Space saving Small Form Factor design • 10-point Touchscreen • High Quality Display for optimized viewing • VESA Wall-mount compatible

  • v-fp-flat-pane-detector

    The versatile Flat Panel DR system offers images within seconds of exposure and fits easily into smaller x-ray rooms. The 17×17 inch panel produces high quality images and is configurable on multiple chiropractic stands. FP offers true flatpanel technology.

  • v-fph-hybrid-flat-panel-detector

    Enjoy 3 unique operating configurations with the 17×17 hybrid, including full wireless, wired power connection, and wired (fixed) power and data connections. Providing the most in versitility with exceptional image quality, and paired with advanced software features and functionality.

  • v-fpw-wireless-flat-panel-detector

    All new wireless connectivity. Eliminate the need for a static wired connection & the need to run extra cabling. The 14×17 inch panel produces high quality images wirelessly.